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Payroll Services​

An organisation must pay close attention to a few crucial areas with the utmost care and accuracy if it wants to get the most from its employees. One of them is the Payroll Management system.

Human Resource Shared and Payrole Services

Human Resource Shared and Payroll Services

Ensuring proper use of your human resource bandwidth should be at the top of your priority list if you are a large corporation with numerous branches and a sizable headcount in the field and (or) office. In that case, your issue will be resolved by our HRSS and Payroll Services.

Along with HR Products, we also provide the authors and administrators of these products.

Technology undoubtedly helps, but effective product solutions won’t be possible without the right human resources. We offer you a talent pool of knowledgeable experts who will take care of your payroll management systems in order to solve this issue.

Payroll Services​

With the help of a knowledgeable staff of HRSS professionals, HRQube guarantees a seamless payroll management experience. The following services are available from HRQube with the option for customization.

Attendance Management- Online/Offline

Leave Management – Online/Offline

Salary Processing

Tax & Computations

Payroll Compliance Computation

Reimbursements Audit & Approval

Why should you outsource your payroll process?

Amongst the numerous reasons for a firm to outsource the payrolling process, the following are some notable points that need to be taken into account.

Payrolling is a time guzzler

Payrolling is time consuming, and for an organization, time happens to be the most critical asset. Every organization puts concerted efforts to save and utilize time in an optimum manner

Productivity can be optimized

With this burden of Payrolling removed, HR Team can employ its resources on the strategic development of the organization focusing on things like holistic employee engagement, training, skill development, etc.


  • Payment based on Allowances / Rates
  • Audit of Expense Statements before Payout

Ticket Based Helpdesk for issues

Helplines for all employees if required

One thing that all organizations agree is that payroll accuracy is key to employee happiness. Payroll mistakes are painful. Erroneous and late filings result in penalties. Also, salary-related issues can lead to depreciated employee experience with an organization. That in turn, leads to the lowering of productivity. HRQube cuts the chances of simple human errors by implementing a reliable study system in place.

2COMS employs interactive tools to ensure the following

We at 2COMS have implemented Employee and Employer dashboards for seamless communications and observations.

HR Information

Personal, Professional & Educational information of employees

Updated & maintained information about employee details

Data back-up of employee history


Capture employee turnout

Bulk upload of attendance data

Details viewable to employee

Online Leave Management

Leave balance management

Carry forward & lapse

Manage leave time available, leave taken vs leave approved

Online Leave Apply/Approval/Rejections