Body Language: Things You Need To Know Before Attending An Interview

Many definitions describe this question. For some, it represents proper posture; for others, it only refers to facial emotions. Knowing everything, there is to know about interview body language is essential to avoid the disaster that insufficient information may cause (during interviews). Body language is a non-verbal communication in which bodily activity expresses or conveys … Read more

10 Easy Ways To Improve Workplace Motivation

Employees are motivated and enthusiastic by their jobs, which helps them give their best work. Setting and achieving goals, having clear expectations, receiving recognition and feedback, and supportive management all impact employees’ motivation at work. It thrives in a supportive workplace, which explains why many leaders are interested in discovering fresh approaches to inspire their … Read more

How to write a perfect CV?

Popular studies suggest that recruiters spend at most 6 seconds per CV. Doesn’t that sound like too much of an injustice? You put countless hours of thought and effort into crafting the ideal resume and risk everything by sending it out there. As for the recruiter, what exactly do they do? It doesn’t even get … Read more